What are the robot classifications of an injection molding machine?

Basic injection molding robots, which typically include fixed mode programs and teach mode programs as required by the production process. The fixed-mode program covers several standard processes for injection molding, using industrial controllers for simple, […]

What can I do when I first use the robot for an injection molding machine?

Make sure that the power source such as the power supply and air compressor source are properly connected. Check the pressure of the manipulator air regulator valve to 0.4mpa-0.6mpa. Turn on the robot power supply […]

What is the features of mold temperature control?

The main features of mold temperature control include: the temperature set by the controller is consistent with the mold temperature; the thermal factors affecting the mold can be directly measured and compensated. Typically, mold temperature […]

What are the differences between plastic injection molds and die-casting molds?

Plastic injection mold mold design needs to shrink water according to the shrinkage rate of different materials, and the die-casting mold basically does not shrink, the size of the mold cavity is large, the product […]