How can we clean the screw of the injection molding machine?

I. Purpose: Standardize the operation of cleaning screws, save raw materials, rapid production, and stable production. 2, preparation before cleaning: 1, according to the production plan to confirm the materials and colors to be produced, […]

What is the difference between the injection mould and blow mould?

The process of injection molding and blow molding is different. Blow molding is injection + blowing; injection molding is injection + pressure; blow molding must have the head left by the extraction of the gas […]

What Is A Horizontal Injection Molding Machine?

Horizontal Injection Molding Machine: This is the most common type. It is also a type of Plastic Injection Molding Machine. The mold clamping portion and the injection portion are on the same horizontal center line, […]

What can I do when the oil temperature of the injection molding machine is too high?

1. First check if your oil temperature setting is reasonable, generally set at about 50 °C. If the setting is unreasonable, first revision. 2. Check if the cooling water of the oil circuit is running […]