How can we distinguish the Precision of injection molding machine?

1. The general precision injection molding machine has two indicators: – the repeat error of the product size, and the other is the repeated weight error of the product.
2. The former is difficult to compare due to the size and thickness of the product, while the latter represents the comprehensive level of the manufacturer of the injection molding machine. The weight error of the ordinary injection molding machine is about 1%, the better machine can reach O.8%, the precision machine is less than 0.5%, and the ultra-precision machine is less than 0.3%. The highest international data level is less than O.15%. Precision injection machines require product dimensional accuracy to be generally within 0.01 to 0.001 mm. Many precision injection moldings also require injection molding machines with high injection pressure and injection speed. The clamping system is required to have sufficient rigidity and clamping precision; pressure and flow are required. Parameters such as temperature and metering can be controlled to the precise accuracy; multi-stage or stepless injection is used; the reproduction conditions of the molding process and the repeatability of the product are guaranteed.
3, injection molding product molding weight repeatability to achieve stability, including three aspects: the repeatability of the plasticization amount, the repeatability of the injection volume and the temperature control performance of the mold. There are many factors affecting these precisions, the manufacturing and assembly precision of the most important injection molding machines, as well as the configuration of the original parts of the injection molding machine such as screw, electrical appliances and hydraulics, and the quality of the molds.


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