Top 10 injection molding machine manufacturer in Ningbo china

If you are staying outside china,want to buy injection molding machine from china. You can visit Ningbo City,Ningbo have another name,injection molding machine city in china. More 300 manufacturers for injection molding  machine. Demag,Sumitomo,Techmation have factory in Ningbo. world famous injection machine manufacturer -Haitian, located here.There are so many factory,how to choose the best supplier for yourself?

Here ,we list top 10 injection molding machine manufacturer in Ningbo China.Base on their sales amount.

Last year ,every months,dispatch more than 5000 sets machine to the world. But this year,one week,have rest 2 days, one months only 2000 sets machine. price is high

Quality is good,but without any updated technology for many years. Price is high

Factory is big, if you buy machine,you can make payment by LC usance more than 12 months. or by leasing payment month by month.But the machine center locking mold,not good choice. after one or two year, maybe you will find the machine moving platen can’t move.


factory is big. machine color is white and blue,look fashion,but easy dirty.

Sales amount about 15 billion last year, this year,reduce too much.maybe world economic is not good.

have two color injection machine,injection blow molding machine, Bakelite machine and BMC injection machine.
Standard machine from 50 tons to 3000 tons.Customer have Volkswagen china,Gree, Haier. have CE and ISO9001,but price is better than other top 9 injection machine manufacturer

Payment is good,more than 70% by leasing.once you buy machine,you can pay it after one year or two year,so grow fast.

5 years ago, everyone know it here. now,go down. but their order profit is good.

9.Golden Eagle
Have branch in Turkey,sold many machine in Turkey.

10. Sonly
Factory is big size, old version machine before 2015,really not good,lose too much china market.But now,new design machine looks good, buy pay much money buy build factory,buy new CNC equipment.have big in debt in bank.Seems dangerous in there years.


BMC machine
top 10 injection molding machine in china


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  1. I am Dr Herold from Namibia and I want to buy two machines 2200ton and 600ton machines ,and now I need advice on quality and service,between Tederic and Haida Injection molding machine.

    Which one is having best quality,after sales and durability

    My whatsapp is +264816015618

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