Why the mold opening of the injection molding machine will be opened to the end?

In the fully automatic operation, after the mold opening is in place, the continuous mold opening operation is still performed without performing the next mold movement. If yes, there will be a cycle time alarm, determine the actual position of the mold opening to the set position or overshoot, check whether the open mode output point is powered (note the open mode multi-point output), if there is no power, it is a problem with the oil circuit. . If it is powered, the program is abnormal.
If the cycle production can be completed normally, you can try to set the mold opening valve to delay the cutting time and reduce the last pressure speed.
Is the other action normal? If it is at the end of the mold opening, it will continue to open? Check if the PB board is still output after the end of the mold opening. Use a multimeter to check if the PB is ok, check if the mold opening valve is stuck.

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